About Us

Our goal is to make the complex simple to understand so mothers can make an educated and informed decision on how to feed their baby; and healthcare providers will have tools to communicate effectively about breastfeeding facts,
skin-to-skin contact, and the benefits of The Sacred Hour.

Although it is natural, breastfeeding is complicated.

Childbirth is complicated. So many rules, so much advice. It is overwhelming.


There is really a lot of information.

Some is really complex.

Some is really surprising.

Our Partners


How to feed your baby is such an important choice all families need to make.


Our partners, CHI Health and the Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition, provide educational resources through Really? Really to mothers, mothers-to-be, their families and healthcare providers, so they can make the best decision for their baby.


CHI Health is the largest not-for-profit, regional health network in Nebraska. It embraces a Mission to nurture the healing ministry of the Church while creating healthier communities. CHI Health has 15 hospitals, two stand-alone behavioral health facilities and more than 150 employed physician practice locations in Nebraska and southwest Iowa. CHI Health also serves as the primary teaching partner of Creighton University’s health sciences schools.


At CHI Health, the Maternity Centers give expectant moms everything they deserve — from spacious, home-like birthing suites to 24/7 access to specialized care. In addition, CHI Health believes in giving new moms and babies a special time to bond and connect  — called the Sacred Hour. It ensures your first hour with your baby is free from visitors and interruptions. This is sacred, skin-to-skin time, which should be honored, cherished and protected.


CHI Health also offers a specially-trained lactation team to help moms learn everything they need to know about breastfeeding, from proper positions and latching to expressing and storing breast milk. Their pre-natal classes to help parents-to-be learn and prepare. If needed, ongoing support after you leave the hospital is available by phone or visit. Our lactation team believes that most women, when provided with information and education, along with support and encouragement, can be successful at breastfeeding.



The Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition is a network of individual members and organizational partners dedicated to improving the health of Nebraskans by making breastfeeding the norm through education, advocacy and collaboration. We work together to share information and partner in activities to increase breastfeeding rates across the state.